User Manual



The Broadcast tab of Settings provides 4 possible ways to broadcast your mixes over the Internet. Click on the type of Broadcast required then click on START BROADCAST to start streaming the broadcast over the web.

Broadcast audio directly from your computer. Click on START BROADCAST and provide the link at the bottom of the broadcast window to your listeners.

Broadcast using an Internet Radio Server. Icecast (OGG format streaming) and Shoutcast (MP3 format streaming) are supported. Fill in the provided fields with the data required by the host (server) along with any additional information for the broadcasting session.

Broadcast directly to the servers and save your mixes. Enter an Episode Name for the Podcast and click on START BROADCAST. To manage your podcasts, click on the link provided.

When a Podcast is completed it is stored on the servers where it can be edited, deleted, shared to social media or even uploaded to iTunes.

If a Podcast name already exists in your library, an episode number will be added as a sub heading to the title. This gives you the ability to have a regular podcast (weekly, monthly, etc) with the same name but a different episode number as the podcasts are produced, making it easier for regular listeners to follow your show.

As long as you are logged into the website, you can visit the podcast page to manage your podcasts: (be sure to replace “YourUserNameHere” with your VirtualDJ user name in order to use the direct link).

Note: Broadcasting requires Port 8000 needs to be forwarded in case a router is used. More information can be found here:

** Broadcasting to a radio server requires a Pro Infinity or Pro Monthly license