User Manual

Interface - Browser


The Side Toolbar on the left vertical side of the Browser offers global Folder Operations and Browser features.

  1. Favorite Folder - Mark a specific Folder as Favorite and add it to the Folder list for quick access (monitored)

  2. Virtual Folder - Creates a Virtual Folder (unmonitored)

  3. Filter Folder - Creates a Filter folder (monitored)

  4. Goto Last Folder - Goes to the last used folder

  5. Browser Options - Displays a menu with the following options:
    • Show Only - Shows or hides Music, Video or Karaoke files.
    • Display List as - Choose between the List View (default) and Grid View with large icons (for Touchscreens)
    • Reset Root Folders - Displays any folders that have been hidden.
    • Database - Choose “Remove missing files from Search DB” to clean the Search Database from files that no longer exist.
    • Export browser view - Exports what is currently displayed in the browser (including fields) to a .csv file (that can be opened as a spreadsheet in softwares that support it) or a .html file (for web use).

  6. Font Resizer - Increase or decrease the size of the Browser font with the buttons.

  7. Browser Zoom - Increases the size of the Browser and reduces the size of the decks (See Mini Decks).
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