User Manual

Interface - Browser


The Side Toolbar on the left vertical side of the Browser offers global folder operations and Browser features to quickly make changes and add functionality without interrupting the DJ's work flow.

  1. FAVORITE FOLDER. Marks a specific folder as a Favorite (creates shortcut) and adds it to the Folder List for quick access (monitored)

  2. VIRTUAL FOLDER. Creates a Virtual Folder (unmonitored) which provides the ability to add files into a folder without changing their physical location on the hard drive.

  3. FILTER FOLDER. Creates a Filter Folder (monitored) which will organize (filter) files based on predefined criteria.

  4. GOTO LAST FOLDER. Returns to the last used folder.

  5. BROWSER OPTIONS. Displays a menu with the following options:
    Show Only
    Shows or hides Music, Video or Karaoke files.

    Display Options
    Display List as
    Choose between the List View (default) and Grid View with large icons (for Touchscreens)

    Font Size
    Choose between Small, Medium, and Big fonts.

    Provides the ability to increase/decrease the spacing (padding) between browser lines. Choose from None, Small, Medium or Big.

    Reset Root Folders
    Displays any folders that have been hidden.

    Remove missing files from Search DB
    Clean the Search Database from files that no longer exist.

    Create Database Backup
    Creates a zip file backup of the database, folders, history, mappers, pads, playlists and settings in the folder Documents/VirtualDJ/Backup on your computer.

    Restore Database Backup
    Restores database, folders, history, mappers, pads, playlists and/or settings from backups that have been created.

    Export browser view
    Exports what is currently displayed in the browser (including fields) to a .csv file (that can be opened as a spreadsheet in softwares that support it) or a .html file (for web use).

  6. FONT RESIZER. Increase or decrease the size of the Browser font with a single button*.

    *a dual button configuration for individual increase and decrease sizing can be changed in Options by changing browserFontSizeButtons to Yes

  7. BROWSER ZOOM. Increases the size of the Browser and reduces the size of the decks.
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