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Actually releasing version 8 would be nice. The hype is so old I've all but forgotten about it.

发表时间 Mon 09 Dec 13 @ 6:15 pm
It's nice to read about the great things the VDJ8 can do. But the big question is when it is going to be released as a final version. At least i've been waiting for this release for almost 2yrs now. i agree with Brian Fligg & his comment

发表时间 Sun 22 Dec 13 @ 12:21 pm
An encoder like the one in the picture with support for multi audio formats.

发表时间 Sat 11 Jan 14 @ 9:18 am
ok how about a way to output the video to hdmi then into a program that allows me to split and control it on many screens. Im willing to pay got a incredible 1 in to 8 hdmi pro converter at a auction for 40 worth 1200

发表时间 Sat 11 Jan 14 @ 7:13 pm
Does that converter get recognised as 8 separate outputs by your computer? Or does it see it as just a single secondary display?

If the latter there is nothing VDJ, or any other software, could do as it would need to recognise individual displays.

If you can see all outputs as separate displays in your settings then you got one hell of a deal...



发表时间 Mon 13 Jan 14 @ 10:27 am
VeazyePRO InfinityMember since 2005
groovindj wrote :
Thanks Scott - yeah, that would be great if we could have a "Remix Decks" skin in a similar style to the forthcoming Traktor 2.5...

This can be done by now. VDJ can support up to 99 deck if i remember. all it needs is a good skin to replace one deck with 4. also, for each deck of sample you can customize with effects and use everything you could use on a normal deck but individually. all it needs is a good skin and a good mapping. but VDJ team must add some settings to remember the last loaded songs (samples) just like the samples.

发表时间 Wed 19 Feb 14 @ 6:46 am
I know it can be done in theory....but the problem is that the decks are not designed for playing samples.

Sample players need the ability to loop the sample (from beginning to end) when loaded, and to switch freely between "one shot" mode and looping mode. Features such as loop in/out adjustment, playing in reverse, alternating forward/reverse looping etc. would also be useful.

I have requested many times for Atomix to give decks the ability to be used as samplers, but nothing has happened.

发表时间 Wed 19 Feb 14 @ 7:05 am
where is 8 where is 8 where is 8 where is 8 where is 8 got the message

发表时间 Wed 05 Mar 14 @ 9:38 am
taylaPRO InfinityMember since 2007
And your age group I guess is in the seven to ten year old's.

发表时间 Wed 05 Mar 14 @ 10:15 am
monk4grPRO InfinityMember since 2013
Matty1000 wrote :
any chance you guys could add a "slow start" and "slow stop" fuction, with an option in settings to decide how slow the start and stop are

the activation of the feature through the pressing start or stop on the play button (not buried away in the effects section)

the idea is to emulate the natural slow start and slow stop of a vinyl turntable, because is useful as a mixing technique for DJs

I Second That!!! Being able to change the START - STOP Time would be amazing!
Plus it would be nice to have something like the brake echo effect that Serato uses (vinyl brake with an echo) which make for a nice transition between different genres! Or maybe something like " Activate echo effect cycling in one beat or whatever beat you need, press the Decks Stop button - with a slow stop time - and the effect keeps going on to infinity until you turn the cross fader all the way or deactivate the effect or turn the chanels volume fader down or load another song" I think you get what i mean!
And A better LPF - HPF filter!

发表时间 Wed 05 Mar 14 @ 12:08 pm
you should be able to do the echo effects if you use brake and ramp delay it VDJ7. Effects chain together in the order they are activacted so for that you would activate echo then brake i think

toggle 'brakeEcho' & var 'brakeEcho' 1 ? blink & effect 'ramp_delay' active on & effect 'brake' active on : off & effect 'ramp_delay' active off & effect 'brake' active off

And Scott "SBDJ" has already released a better filter for version 7.

发表时间 Wed 05 Mar 14 @ 1:41 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
The video in the op has been locked, any chance of a repost?

发表时间 Sat 08 Mar 14 @ 5:43 am
so many solutions to the "after fade effect echo" it would be much easier for atomix just to make that kind of effect and just pleas so many users including me. and make it on aknob if you dont want to here the after effect the just switch it to zero (0) and thats it.. no need ofr on/off buttons or whatever.

发表时间 Sun 09 Mar 14 @ 6:03 am
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