Started DJing mid 1970s

If you need any help or something made for clipbank/Video Sampler just let me know.



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DJ Rusty 25 1985 留言: Sat 20 Jan 18
hey there buddy I would like to get in with the video clips that u have
Magic Mike224 留言: Sun 28 May 17
Andy7689 留言: Sat 24 Dec 16
Thanks for the add back. Have a good christmas
Exclusive100 留言: Fri 10 Jun 16
Hi, could I get the wedding visual made for Amit & Linda Kapur
please. I want to use it as a looped video.

Thank you so much!

Balvinder - DJ Bally
alunboy 留言: Tue 15 Mar 16
any viduals for patricks day?
djgkm 留言: Tue 27 Oct 15
Need help how to map my Gemini CNTRL-2 Midi Controller (and my M-Audio Trigger Finger Pro Sequential Controller) Ever since I had it as a packaged birthday present from California, I haven't even tried to map the Gemini & the M-Audio audio equipments. Thank you in advance for your help & concern regarding my problem. Have a nice day.......
wildcountryclub 留言: Tue 15 Sep 15
per comments in that thread which raised some blood pressures: blank screen while playing regular audio files? thought that had been taken care of years back? between milkdrop, Essential Visuals and Media ( and now TellyVisuals and TellyMedia), slideshows and whatnot - there are a few options for not having a blank black screen.
tayla 留言: Mon 03 Aug 15
Not that I know of, just another part of V7 that was sadly omitted in V8, that's why I'm sticking with V7.
curty_1 留言: Sun 02 Aug 15
Does vdj8 have scrolling text by defaults without plugin needed
junegales 留言: Mon 08 Dec 14
Accomplished Record player I have a large knowledge of different genre. mix's of genre from 1960 to now. R&B_Country_Rock_Blues_House_Pop_Soul_Rap.
Check Me Out Sometime You Will Never know. You Just might get Hook on June Gales.
djstevethegreek 留言: Thu 19 Jun 14
is the firetext plugin available for macs?
Tjeck1972 留言: Sun 01 Jun 14
Hi, just wondering. In what program did you made Newcastle´s spin logo. Thanks Tomas.
jdannenberg 留言: Mon 03 Mar 14
mid 70's ? I thought I was the only one alive :) Cheers
RobRoy 留言: Thu 09 Jan 14
thank you ..;-)
GastonB 留言: Sat 28 Dec 13
Hi Tayla do you have a countdown video that I can use in Jerusalem??? I'm kinda new here . Happy Holidays to you and yours. Thanks for the great contributions. I have seen many of them.