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The unit should be visible in the CONTROLLERS tab of Config and the “factory default” available/selected from the Mappings drop-down list. The factory default Mapping offers the functions described in this Manual, however those can be adjusted to your needs via VDJ Script actions.

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Default Audio setup

The unit has a pre-defined Audio setup and a special button in the AUDIO tab of Config to provide that.
If the pre-defined audio setup is selected, speakers and Headphones need to be connected to the unit at the rear and top side panels respectively.


The Gemini PMX20 can operate in 3 modes, the MIXER (Hardware) mode, the DVS mode and the MIDI (Software) mode.


This mode is the default and auto-selected on every power-cycle. In this mode, the audio mixing (Volume, Equalizer, Filter and Crossfader) is performed by the PMX20. All the previously mentioned mixer elements, will still send Midi signal, thus the corresponding elements on the GUI of VirtualDJ will follow the movements and positions of the hardware ones. However, the GUI elements will not control the mixing (fake mixer mode). The Audio Interface of this mode is 8 channels out, without any input channels, so no DVS control is offered in this mode.
Every mixer channel can have a VirtualDJ or an external device (connected to the CH Inputs at the rear panel) as source, selected by the USB buttons at the top panel.
When the USB button is turned on (led is lit), the audio signal from the respective VirtualDJ will be passed to the PMX20 channel.
When the USB button is turned off (led is off), the audio signal from the external source will be passed to the PMX20 mixer channel and the respective VirtualDJ deck will be muted.
Up to 4 VirtualDJ decks can be controlled from the PMX20 in the Mixer mode.


In this mode, the audio mixing (Volume, Equalizer, Filter etc) is performed by VirtualDJ and a different sound card (other than the builtin of the PMX20) can be used as well. The USB Audio interface of the PMX20 does not offer Timecode/DVS Inputs in Midi mode and up to 4 VirtualDJ Decks can be controlled from the PMX20.
The external sources (connected to the CH Inputs at the rear panel) cannot be used in the Midi mode and the USB buttons will remain on.


In this mode the USB Audio Interface of the Gemini PMX20 turns into 4out/4in channels, offering control of 2 VirtualDJ Decks (the middle ones) along with DVS/Timecode controls. The outer PMX20 mixer channels 3 and 4 can be used to route signal from externlal sources, but cannot control any VirtualDJ Deck.
Note: Timecode control requires one of the following licenses..
  • Pro Infinity
  • Timecode Plus license
  • Limited Edition keycode (serial) of Gemini PMX20 (comes with a special Timecode additional license - which requires online login for the extra license to be validated, at least once).

How to switch between the 3 modes
Hold down the USB button on Channel 3 for more than 4 seconds (will blink for a while) and then release for the Mixer (default - Hardware) mode to be selected.
Hold down the USB button on Channel 1 for more than 4 seconds (will blink for a while) and then release for the DVS mode to be selected.
Hold down the USB button on Channel 2 for more than 4 seconds (will blink for a while) and then release for the Midi (Software) mode to be selected.

Each time a selection of a Mode is made, VirtualDJ will automatically apply the necessary Audio setup for the selected mode.

Important Do not change the Audio Setup manually, unless you are certain of the selected mode. Prefer to allow VirtualDJ to automatically set it up for you when the mode is selected via the long-press of the USB buttons as described above.

Audio Setup for MIXER (default Hardware) mode

Audio Setup for DVS mode

Audio Setup for Midi mode


When mixing with VirtualDJ, your mix can be recorded in the following cases.
  • The PMX20 is set to Software/MIDI mode. In this case (with Master & Headphones as Audio setup), all you need to do is to use the REC button in the MASTER Mixer panel of VirtualDJ GUI to record your mix. However, the Microphone input of the PMX20 will not be recorded
  • The PMX20 is set to Hardware(MIXER or DVS) mode. In this case, you will need to route the Master Output from either the BOOTH or REC Output to an Input of another USB Audio Interface and add a record line in your Audio setup.
    In the following example, we have connected the REC Output with the LineIn Input of the computer's built-in Audio Interface using standard 2xRCA to 1/8" stereo jack, and we have added a record line using the input of that sound card

    Hardware mode - Audio setup with external Recording Input

    Note that in case of recording externally (using the REC OUT routed to a different sound card), all inputs (from CH1 to CH4 sources) and the Microphone of the PMX20 will be also recorded along with your mix

For further software settings please refer to the User Guide of VirtualDJ 8. http://www.virtualdj.com/manuals/virtualdj8/index.html

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