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话题: Looking for a remix.


Im looking for the remix of:

Madonna - What it feels like for a girl

Its the Trance Remix and I would love to use it in a set but I cant find it. It got quite a bit of airtime on the radio here in Toronto yet I am out of luck. If anyone knows where I can find it or if someone has it, please let me know. It would be greatly appreciated.

Miguel Sanchez

发表时间 Mon 04 Jun 01 @ 10:44 pm
thedmanHome userMember since 2001
That is:

Madonna - What it feels like for a girl (Above and Beyond Remix).

I don't know how widely available it is on the internet so if you want it email me.

The Dman

发表时间 Tue 05 Jun 01 @ 6:51 pm
Thanks man. I found it. All I needed was the name of the Remix. I appreciate it.

发表时间 Fri 08 Jun 01 @ 6:05 am
I've found 11 different remixes of this track...

发表时间 Wed 20 Jun 01 @ 5:17 am