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话题: Song ID; can someone tell me the name of this song?


D-ManHome userMember since 2001

发表时间 Thu 24 May 01 @ 7:45 pm
Where and when did you first hear it...?

-Jim Nordic

发表时间 Thu 24 May 01 @ 9:09 pm
D-ManHome userMember since 2001
Nevermind, the song was Da Hool - Eichelruck (MG Remix) which I found out after wasting nearly a whole day... the things I do!!! I had heard it on a Judge Jules set, Lush @ Kellys.

Thanks anyways!

发表时间 Fri 25 May 01 @ 4:13 am
Thanks for sharing the answer with us D-Man.
I already went through part of my collection to identify it.

Apparently it would have been a waste of time anyhow as I don't have thát masterpiece of Da Hool.

Which reminds me I'll have to run over to the record shop (once more)......

DJ Corpse

发表时间 Fri 25 May 01 @ 8:32 pm