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话题: to upload a new skin (add manual) Can I do that


PaLmHome userMember since 2002
Hi there,

I made a new (based on classic) marvellous skin, and I'm writing a manual (html-file + a map with the small pictures I use in the manual)

Can I put the 3 things
1. *.xml
2. *.bmp
3. *.html
in the zip file instead of the first 2

It won't take that much extra space, but I've done a real effort to make the manual, and it will help people to perfectly use the skin)

Can I put the *.html file in the zip file when I upload the new skin?



发表时间 Tue 26 Feb 02 @ 10:28 pm
OyyoDamsPRO InfinityHonorary memberMember since 2003
Yes, submit your skin, we'll have a look.

发表时间 Wed 27 Feb 02 @ 7:19 am
PaLmHome userMember since 2002
I've uploaded the skin.

But he's nut online yet.



发表时间 Mon 11 Mar 02 @ 6:31 pm
PaLmHome userMember since 2002
anonymous gave
Oh yeah, I've forgotten to mention that I've put a great tutorial with the skin !!! All the functions of my skin are explained in it (with lots of images ...) Greetz, PaLm.

This was the comment I added to my skin.

But I forgot to login and clicked on send,
then I saw I wasn't signed-in.

Could you change "ANONYMOUS GAVE" into "PaLm" please.




发表时间 Tue 12 Mar 02 @ 12:18 am