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Ok,this would certainly make atomixmp3 legendary,
have it sync to external signals!!
This would enable you to mix with more people all using AT on more than one computer!sync to external drum machines,sequencers etc and also good old vinyl or anything else you can think of.
The input could show up as a third colour waveform.
Im sure it wouldnt be CPU intensive as you wouldnt be doing any decoding of mp3`s.
What do you think Atommix team,can you do it?

richard james

发表时间 Mon 07 Jan 02 @ 7:22 pm
ikkeHome userMember since 2003
Sync by midi you mean? I also think this is a good feature. Maybe for the next update?

Greetz, ikke

发表时间 Mon 07 Jan 02 @ 9:29 pm
no,no,there is need ,I mean sync to the signal which is coming in the line-in of the sound card !-)
atomix team?

发表时间 Tue 08 Jan 02 @ 5:04 pm
DJtalonHome userMember since 2001
The key to Atomix's technology is that the mp3's are decoded ahead of time. The rythym graph shows a section of sound, where the current sound is at the left end and you can see what's about to happen.

Line-in from a sound card would not give that read-ahead capability.

Perhaps there would be some way that two computers could be connected, whether over a network cable, firewire, or USB - that the wave stream could be sent ahead of time. Then dual-computer mixing could be enabled.

Wait for this functionality to be enabled between two instances of Atomix on one machine, and then over a network will be a logical extension.

发表时间 Tue 08 Jan 02 @ 6:54 pm
yes but it could predict what's going to come looking at the history of the song, cause all that atomix need to know is where the beat is, if it knows where it was 2 minutes ago it knows where it is in 20 minutes... know what i mean??

发表时间 Wed 09 Jan 02 @ 8:30 pm
yes i know what you mean anon.. but before going to add new shit, the winxp+audigy etc sound problems should be addressed.. only the latest OS versions should be supported not any 4 year old. if people don't have money to upgrade then they should change to linux :P

发表时间 Thu 10 Jan 02 @ 2:33 pm