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话题: A headphone volume?


Hi, I'm still me, what do you think to add a headphone volume which increase the headphone volume in the rear output? I have tried to mix without an external mixer,and the headphone volume was very low respect to front out connected to the amplifier...If I increase close to the max the master slider of my audio card (a SbLive! Value...),and I set the audio card fader close to the rear out,the sound is very distorted...If not, you could develop a patch which assign the front and rear output (or out 1 and out 2 if someone use 2 audio cards...) to master and monitor? (x es: master in rear out and monitor in front,because many audio cards has got a jumper which set if in front out you can plug either amplifier or headphones...).
Thanks in advance,
Dj P@lox

发表时间 Mon 07 Jan 02 @ 12:11 pm