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话题: Upgrade to Virtual DJ 2018
MRJobooPRO SubscriberMember since 2006
I still have VDJ 7 and want to upgrade to 2018. My major concern is that I have a ton of playlists and history in my current version that I don't want to lose. I have seen tons of info on backing up VDJ 8. But I haven't seen anything on going from 7 to 2018. Should I just install on top of 7 or is there a way to do a clean install and import my database from 7? Any and all help will be greatly appreciated!

发表时间 Mon 21 Jan 19 @ 5:05 am
Of course backing up the \documents\virtualdj\ folder and sub folders is always a good idea

But it actually installs next to v7, so you can still use v7 after you install v8/2018
It then create a new database file, and fills it with v7 data - but the v7 file is still there for v7 to use
The playlist and things like that remain the same, and can generaly be used from both versions

发表时间 Mon 21 Jan 19 @ 9:01 am
MRJobooPRO SubscriberMember since 2006
Great info. Didnt realize it installs as a separate program. I will give it a shot. Thanks!

发表时间 Mon 21 Jan 19 @ 1:37 pm
I have VDJ 8 currently. If I download 2018, will it erase vdj 8? or will it also install beside it?

发表时间 Mon 28 Jan 19 @ 10:59 pm
On top of it. It's the same program with a new name.

发表时间 Mon 28 Jan 19 @ 11:00 pm
how to upgrade my virtual dj 2015 to 2018

发表时间 Wed 24 Apr 19 @ 9:03 pm