locodog 留言: Sun 03 Jun 18
Top guy for the yt vids & the faebook help
kevilev 留言: Fri 18 May 18
Not alot of members will take a sec to help others. This guy has help me many times. Probably tired of my A** now lol. But thank you again my friend. Good job.
PatrickOK 留言: Thu 10 May 18
Thanks For Your Advice
mademan34711 留言: Mon 16 Apr 18
Hay Dj , thinking How could I make an Intro and Outro with my POI action and script
mikecruz23 留言: Sat 02 Dec 17
Kristof St 留言: Thu 20 Jul 17
Youtube vid's are very helpful ! Nicely explained. Not evident for someone like me with minor (as good as none :-) ) experience in programming / coding to make syntax for sudden actions in VDJ.
I know a lot can be done in VDJ, IF you know how to program the action :-) (driving a car is very easy, if you know how to drive ...)
The vid's help a lot in learning 'how to drive' !
ohshit 留言: Tue 25 Apr 17
videos on youtube are great help
silverfox4562 留言: Tue 20 Sep 16
I'll try later later today and let you know what happens. I appreciate you taking the time to help. Thank you.
djesquemusic 留言: Thu 05 Nov 15
Would you like to sell the SR. I think my motherboard took a crap and fixing it might not be worth the price and time without it. I'm hitting up my busy season and need a new one.
DJHoeimark 留言: Tue 17 Jul 12
skrev lige en kommentar til dit opslag i forum :-)