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话题: VirtualDJ 8 in AppStore


VirtualDJ 8.1 is also available on mac through Apple's AppStore.

Because of the inherent security restrictions of AppStore apps, a few advanced features are missing from the AppStore version (notably, the ability to browse other folders than the "Music" and "Video" folders, to install external plugins or skins, or to search or play ContentUnlimited tracks if you don't have an existing subscription).

But even without those features, it's still a fully functional and very good software to discover DJing.

发表时间 Fri 11 Dec 15 @ 1:05 am
And if you like VirtualDJ, make sure to leave a review on the AppStore to let other people know that this is a great software ;)

发表时间 Fri 11 Dec 15 @ 1:06 am
Hey Guys I just purchased the Pioneer DDJ-WEGO2 system for my 11 year old. I noticed something appears mentioning license purchase. Do I need to now buy a license for my 10 year old to use this at home with his friends? Thanks

发表时间 Wed 13 Jan 16 @ 1:58 am
I don't know if your son is 10 or 11, but your issue has nothing to do with this topic, so please do not hijack this or any other thread. If you bought the controller new, it comes with an LE version of this software. If you bought it used, then yes, you will have to buy a version of the software. Check here. Please do not reply to this issue, in this thread, thank you.

发表时间 Wed 13 Jan 16 @ 6:41 am
BlulitePRO InfinityMember since 2009
wow, ive been away for probably a year and a half and the first post i read is hijacked by a license enquirer... i see nothings changed around here lol

hi everyone btw!!

发表时间 Tue 02 Feb 16 @ 12:18 pm

发表时间 Wed 02 Mar 16 @ 12:17 am
DJ-ALFPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2005
First, long time no see ;) How's everybody?
Question, is there a plan for a Windows Store on Windows 10?

发表时间 Tue 22 Mar 16 @ 8:55 pm
BlulitePRO InfinityMember since 2009
DJ-ALF wrote :
First, long time no see ;) How's everybody?
Question, is there a plan for a Windows Store on Windows 10?

发表时间 Wed 06 Apr 16 @ 4:05 pm
what about an android app release for 8.2 in google play store is that in the works?

发表时间 Tue 20 Sep 16 @ 7:29 pm
there is a android remote app already

发表时间 Tue 20 Sep 16 @ 9:49 pm