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话题: Mixing in head phone became a big problem


Hi All,

I'm a newbie to this forum as well as Dj'ying. I have Numark Mixtract 2 ( its not a pro version). Let me tell you all about my setup first.
I have brought an external sound card which is of 3$ and connected to my laptop. Connected my normal multimedia speakers to my laptop (internal sound card) & connected my normal ear phones to the external sound card. Also changed the setting in Virtual DJ i.e. Mater output to the laptop audio card (Channel 1&2). The headphone output to external sound card (Channel 1&2). The setup is working fine.

But my problem is about listening to the song in other deck and setting a cue point. I'm unable to hear it properly since the Deck A sound is more louder.

Is there any way to setup like Deck A to left Earphone & Deck B to right Earphone?

Pls help me in this.


发表时间 Thu 29 Oct 15 @ 8:24 am
No. It's one audio output and you can't split headphone's like that.

发表时间 Wed 04 Nov 15 @ 11:19 pm
wouldn't you have to change the audio settings for headphones cause it works fine for me??? :)

发表时间 Tue 10 Nov 15 @ 6:23 am