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话题: Pioneer SVM 1000 WOW
I have an old club owner that I used to work for that has gutted the restaruant and is creating a state of the art club. The booth will have Pioneer SVM 1000 ($7000 mixer with video and music mixing capabilty) and the DVJ 1000 Pioneer units as well

Also the latest Serato is part of the package as well.

I have no idea how I can incorporate my Virtural DJ software into this system. Can I and how? I have been a digital DJ for 15 years now and the owner has tooled up with every Promo only DVD made. I am overwhelmed to say the least.

发表时间 Mon 31 Aug 09 @ 10:26 pm
well lucky you! you don't even need Virtual dj anymore if you have the svm and the dvj's.
i dont see why you would virtual dj with it

发表时间 Wed 02 Sep 09 @ 6:28 am
y en español quiere decir ?? esta ese skin no lo consigo

发表时间 Sun 03 Apr 11 @ 6:51 pm
nice way to spend 10 grand!!

发表时间 Tue 05 Apr 11 @ 7:39 am
I waited 8 years to get my hands on one of these babies. Just got a hold of one and i got one word for it

WOW !!!!

发表时间 Sun 02 Dec 18 @ 12:21 pm