Hardware Manuals

Pioneer DJ - DJM-850 - Layout  


  1. CROSSFADER. Blends audio between the left and right assigned channels/decks.

  2. CF-ASSIGN. Define on which side (A for left and B for right) of the crossfader each mixer channel will be output. If the THRU position is selected, the corresponding channel will be heard regardless the cross- fader’s position.

  3. VOLUME. Use these faders to adjust the Output Volume of each mixer channel.

  4. CUE. Use these buttons to send one or more channel's pre-fader signal to the Headphones Channel for monitoring. When engaged, the button will be lit.

  5. FADER START. When Fader Start is enabled on a specific channel* the deck will start playing once its Volume fader moves away from the minimum position and will stop to the last Cue position when the Volume Fader reaches minimum position again.
    If a channel is assigned to a Crossfader side (A or B) the deck will play once the crossfader moves away from the assigned side and will stop to the previous Cue position once reaches the other side.

    *The Fader Start buttons follow the selected deck/channel order. See Mixer Channel Order.