Hardware Manuals

Pioneer DJ - DJM-850 - Layout  

Color FX

  1. COLOR BUTTONS. Use these knobs to select one of the 4 available Sound Color Effects (Noise, Gate, Crush and Filter).
    Only one Color FX can be selected each time. The Color Effects are Hardware Effects and do not control any internal VirtualDJ Effect.

  2. COLOR KNOBS. Use these knobs to adjust the amount of the selected Sound Color Effect to each of the Mixer channels. No Effect is applied when the knob is at 12 o’clock position.
    When the FILTER is selected, even though the COLOR knobs will move the FILTER knobs of the VirtualDJ GUI, the internal High-Low Pass Filter of VirtualDJ is still not used (only provide a visual indicator)

  3. COLOR BEAT. Then enabled, the Sound Color Effects will follow the Beat pattern from the FX section.