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Denon DJ - PRIME 4 - Layout  


  1. BACK : Sets Browser focus to Folders list. If focus is on Folders, open/close sub-folders

  2. FWD : Toggles Browser focus between Songs list and Sideview.

  3. BROWSE : Scrolls through Files and Folders in the focused Browser list.
    Hold SHIFT down and then use this encoder to zoom in/out the vertical Scratchwave

  4. LOAD : Loads the selected track from Browser to the Left/Right assigned Deck.
    Double-fast-press this button to clone the Track (and its position, tempo, playing status) from the other Deck to the called one.
    Hold SHIFT down to unload the Deck

  5. MENU : Toggles between Browser view (Large Browser - mini Decks) and Decks view (Full Decks) on the Prime 4 screen.
    Hold down for more than 1 second to open the Prime 4 Settings view on the Prime 4 screen.
    Hold SHIFT down and use this button to cycle through the 3 available Deck views (2 Decks, 4 Full Decks and 4 Decks Swap).


Prime 4 has a fully functional and customize-able 10" touch-screen offering all the information needed for your mix. The default GUI for the screen will be automatically downloaded the first time you connect the Prime to a computer running VirtualDJ (Internet connection is required at least for the 1st time)

The default GUI of Prime 4 offers 3 main views, with 2 Decks, 4 Decks Full and 4 Decks Swap (with 2 Full Decks and 2 Mini Decks), along with views for Large Browser and Settings.

Hold SHIFT down and then press the [VIEW] button on the Prime 4 to cycle through the 3 different Deck views.
Use the VIEW button to toggle between the selected Decks view and the Large Browser view (with Mini Decks)

Denon Prime 4 Screen - 2 Decks Full view

Denon Prime 4 Screen - 4 Decks Full view

Denon Prime 4 Screen - 4 Decks Swap view

Denon Prime 4 Screen - 2 Decks Zoom Browser view

Denon Prime 4 Screen - 4 Decks Zoom Browser view


Denon Prime 4 Screen - Deck view

Denon Prime 4 Screen - Mini Deck view

Deck number. The vertical line indicates when the Deck is selected as Left/Right (and controlled from the Deck panel of the device)
Track's Title, Remix and Artist.
Track's progress wave with Hotcues markers. Can be locked from Settings to prevent accidental taps
Track's musical key information. Key value can be displayed in Harmonic or Camelot view. Line is colored based on the key value. The MATCH text will be highlighted when Track's key matches the key of the other Deck.
Tap this area to get more key controls at the Deck info area.
Current Loop size in beats. Quantize indicator/button
Track's Times (Total, Elapsed/Remain). Tap the Elapsed/Remain Time area to toggle between the 2 views.
Track's Tempo information : Current BPM, Pitch, Pitch range%, Master Deck indicator.
Tap the BPM value area to to get Beat-grid Adjust controls at the Deck Info area.
Performance Pads. Displays the name of the currently selected Pads page, the values of its Parameters (if available) and information about the Pads functionality of the selected page.


Denon Prime 4 Screen - Folders view

Denon Prime 4 Screen - Songs List view

Denon Prime 4 Screen - Sideview (Automix) view

Expand Browser (Large Browser with Mini Decks view) or go back to Normal Decks view.
Select to view the Folders List.
Select to view the Songs List.
Select to view the Sideview. Tap again to cycle through the available lists of Sideview (Automix, Sidelist, Karaoke, Sampler and Shortcuts.
Text Options. Tap to show/hide buttons to enlarge/reduce the Font size and 3 levels of Line padding
Add the selected Folder or Track(s) to Automix list.
Add the selected Folder or Track(s) to Sidelist list.
Add the selected Folder or Track(s) to Karaoke list.
Tap to get the On-Screen Keyboard and search for tracks in your Library
Tap to start/stop the Automix or Karaoke mode , depending on the Sideview list.
Tap to get a menu with Options for Automix, Karaoke or other Sideview list.
Tap for Sideview Options (show/hide tabs, add shortcuts)


The Waves area will display the Vertical Scratch waves of the Left and Right assigned Deck. The waves can be hidden, locked (from accidental touch) or displayed in different colors and types, depending on the settings that can be found in the WAVES tab of SETTINGS view


Hold down the [VIEW] button for more than 2 seconds to get the SETTINGS view. Press the VIEW button again to go back to the Decks view.
Various settings are offered to adjust views, Waves, Browser behavior etc. and their values will be kept across sessions. A description of each setting is displayed at the bottom of the view, each time you tap, select or change a setting.

The Settings view will also offer a button to revert to Standalone mode, without exiting VirtualDJ.

Denon Prime 4 Screen - Settings view

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