Hardware Manuals

Pioneer DJ - DDJ-WeGO4 - Layout  

Side & Rear Panels

  1. PHONES SOCKET. Connect your 1/4" or 1/8" headphones to this output for cueing and mix monitoring.

  2. DC-IN: Connect the supplied AC Adaptor. The Power Adapter is not necessary to use with VirtualDJ. It is required only if you are operating with an iOS Application. Use the On/Off/Standby button at the top panel to turn the unit on/off.

  3. USB. This USB connection sends and receives audio and control information from a connected computer.

  4. IOS-DEVICE. Connect your i-Phone or i-Pad (used by other iOS applications – not used by VirtualDJ)

  5. MASTER OUTPUT (RCA): Use standard RCA cables to connect this output to a speaker or amplifier system. The level of this output is controlled by the Master knob on the top panel.

  6. MIC INPUT. Connect a 1/4" microphone to this input. This input's audio signal is routed directly to the Master Output of the DDJ-WeGO4 and its level is controlled by the MIC VOL knob at the top panel.