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Native Instruments - Kontrol S8 - Layout  


The 8 Pads offer various functions, depending on the selected Pad mode. Each of the 4 Pad mode buttons offers 2 individual modes. One with the press of the mode button, and an additional mode with 2nd press of the mode button while the 1st is selected. The 8 modes represent a page of the PADS section on the default VirtualDJ GUI.

  1. PAD MODE. Press any of the 4 available Pad mode buttons to set the Pads to one of the following modes

    [HOTCUE] : Hotcues page
    [LOOP] : Loops page
    [FREEZE] : Slicer page
    [REMIX] : Sampler page.

    [HOTCUE] 2nd press : KeyCue page
    [[LOOP] 2nd press : Saved Loops page
    [FREEZE] 2nd press : BeatJump page
    [REMIX] 2nd press : Stems page

    All the above pre-assigned pages can be changed. See VirtualDJ Manual

  2. PADS. The 8 Pads offer different functionality depending on the selected mode.

The Parameters of each mode can be adjusted from the VirtualDJ GUI (Pads section)

Read further details about Pads in the VirtualDJ manual