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So uh.. just curious. I know we're all from different parts of the world. What songs are bumpin right now.. rattle off some bangin tunes, I think we'd all like to check 'em out. It's always good to check out new stuff.

Some of my favourites:
Libra presents Taylor - Calling your name/Anomaly(Pronti & Kalmani Remix)
Bullit - Richocet
DJ Jurgen - I know you love me
Underworld - ANYTHING
Faithless - ANYTHING

发表时间 Wed 28 Mar 01 @ 2:02 am
Some of my favorite songs are:
Airheadz vs Dido- Stanleys in a trance mix
Steve Blake- Expression
Silvio Ecomo- standing
BT- Godspeed ( this song brings me back a couple years)
Rabbit in the moon- Floorida
Kay Cee- Millenium Strings
Reggae Trance- Send em to outerspace
BT- Dreaming
Kay Cee- Escape (this one is probably my alltime fav)

发表时间 Mon 30 Apr 01 @ 5:29 am
Medway - My release (GU019:L.A. - John Digweed)
Here is my favourites:
Medway - My release (GU019:L.A.-John Digweed)
Nylon - If you love me (Paul Van Dyk's Muzik Magazine)
BT - Fibonacci Sequence
PPK - Resurection
Azzido Da Bass - Dooms Night (
Sasha - Belfunk
Paganini Trax - Zoe
Max Graham - Bar None
Zombie Nation - Kernkraft 400 (Transnation 4)
Way out west - Fall
...That enough, heh-heh

发表时间 Sun 24 Jun 01 @ 8:37 pm