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话题: an pan effect with a GUI


xxisHome userMember since 2003
a pan effect that u can controll , just think of the possebility's
excuse my english - ( i'm from israel )

发表时间 Sat 04 May 02 @ 10:58 am
What do you want to control through the GUI ?

发表时间 Sat 04 May 02 @ 3:36 pm
what is the Gui?

发表时间 Sat 04 May 02 @ 3:45 pm
what is a Gui?

发表时间 Sat 04 May 02 @ 3:46 pm
xxisHome userMember since 2003
the speed of the signal moving from left to right

发表时间 Sun 05 May 02 @ 2:22 pm
ikkeHome userMember since 2003
So you mean an auto-pan. The slider could also be used set the actual pan of the sound.

A GUI (grafical user interface) is the collections you see on a screen. Windows is GUI-based, the DOS-prompt wasn't.

Greetz, ikke

发表时间 Sun 05 May 02 @ 7:00 pm