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话题: new effect's wanted


xxisHome userMember since 2003
u know what i really miss in Atomix , an echo effect's that u can control and modify . this is very usefull in mixing , it give's a new life to the track and if it will be possibel to put another effect that will work only on the echo effect like "cut" and the original song will carry on normaly it will be even better

发表时间 Sat 04 May 02 @ 10:23 am
Do you want a configurable echo effect, or rather a sample+replay effect (replay in line with BPM and configurable, declining volume level) ?

发表时间 Sat 04 May 02 @ 3:39 pm
xxisHome userMember since 2003
both effect's r usefull but can both be in 1 without being too hard to use

发表时间 Sun 05 May 02 @ 2:16 pm