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ikkeHome userMember since 2003
What's the way the audio data goes in the program? Is it:

-file-channel level-effect 1-effect 2-effect 3-crossfader- soundcard
-file-effect 1-effect 2-effect 3-channel level-crossfader- soundcard

-effect 1
-file-effect 2
-effect 3
-mix effect 1,2,3 together - channel level-crossfader- soundcard

Or is it even another possibility? I need to know it to create a sort of effect (well, it's not really an effect: you'll see).

Greetz & THX & merry Xmas & happy new year, ikke

发表时间 Mon 24 Dec 01 @ 4:26 pm
wickedHome userMember since 2001
GOOD QUESTION, i was about to ask same

发表时间 Wed 26 Dec 01 @ 9:14 am