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话题: Numark CDN-88


Has anyone tried designing a skin that would look like CDN-88?? I wish I could see something like that come up soon :-)


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发表时间 Wed 20 Mar 02 @ 3:41 pm
JanoschPRO InfinityMember since 2003
Did you have some good quality (Makro) pictures of it?


发表时间 Wed 20 Mar 02 @ 5:35 pm
You have that CDN-88 to go with EM mixer don't you ?

发表时间 Wed 20 Mar 02 @ 6:48 pm
DJ RickPRO InfinityMember since 2003
OK, let me say first that I've been messing around with the Denon skin this morning, and it really is strikingly beautiful. But, (you knew I was going to say that I'll bet) it just seems to waste a lot of space. Like the labels on the sides, Player, Rhythm, Mixer, and Browser. These labels could be illiminated, and each of those sections maybe could be that much bigger. Also, the non opperational jog wheels. They are taking up some very valuable space. If they weren't there, the effects buttons could be under the loop buttons, so the stop button could be a bit bigger, and still have room for a bigger info view window making all the important information easier to read. There's also some useable space on the left and right side of each of the decks. Where the Atomix logo is, and the Denon logos appears. Please don't misunderstand my comments, I know I could never have made this skin. I'll bet it takes a lot of time and effort, and I really appreciate it. I'm just saying that some of the space maybe could have been better used, I think it still might have looked good, and still offer up the Denon feel.
I hope that these remarks are well received, and not taken wrong. All in all, I like this skin. These are just my thoughts on it. Again, I tried looking at the skin making information, I stared and stared at it, and realized I was lucky that there are Atomix users making such nice skins, because I don't think I'll ever get it.



发表时间 Wed 20 Mar 02 @ 6:57 pm
Well i dont own the cd player so i cant take good hi-res pictures.....but i found some on the internet.

There are two colors of this cd player, one is red (like the EM series) and one is just plain black.

I prefer the red one since it looks much better and more innovative.

(This is the black one, an OK picture)

(And this one is the red color)

The pics arent that great, but they might be of some help.....hope they do, coz I would really want this skin to be made.


Rave Master

发表时间 Thu 21 Mar 02 @ 12:26 pm