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话题: No More skins :)


Everybody stop making skins...!! There is no point.
Janosch has made THE skin.
This is the new standard and any attempt to top it, is futile.

Congrants Janosch...!!!
I salute you...

- Jim Nordic

发表时间 Sat 16 Mar 02 @ 2:13 am
Looks like you have some competition, Jim !

发表时间 Sat 16 Mar 02 @ 2:36 am
Yan-XPRO InfinityHonorary memberMember since 2003
personnaly i love his skin!

I am using it since 5 days now (i have tested it before posting it) and I really think that its established a new standard for authors of skins !

So now we are waiting the next skin of Jim Nordic to see who is the best creator :)

发表时间 Sat 16 Mar 02 @ 11:59 am
mixalisPRO InfinityMember since 2003
This is not a competition Jim. I make skins first for me and some internet friends.

发表时间 Sat 16 Mar 02 @ 12:14 pm
JanoschPRO InfinityMember since 2003
i agree with mixalis.
this should not be an competition.
I used the JN Classic the whole time and it's very good.
First i was lazzy to make a skin but i really enjoy it.

@Jim Nordic
thanks for the congrants.

So let's all go on making skins for the best DJ Program on the world. (hope my english is not to bad?)

nice weekend and pretty mixing !


发表时间 Sat 16 Mar 02 @ 3:29 pm
DJ CocoPRO InfinityMember since 2003
Im agree with mixalis.- I use other skin!

发表时间 Sun 17 Mar 02 @ 6:34 am
I don't think this should be a competition either. (Never did. But, usually, I find competition to be good.)

Anyway... This skin gives us something to shoot for. As I said... It's a new standard.


- Jim

(PS! The new skins I'm working on are; a profesional one and a more artistic one. The pro-one is developing quite nicely.)

发表时间 Sun 17 Mar 02 @ 9:12 am
SalvaPRO InfinityMember since 2003
Oke the skin looks very slick, but it slowes down my computer,
i am using the JN-Classic this one runs fast is in 800 x 600 i preffere this reselution.

But Darkfun looks slick, the only thing i don't like are the fake wheels.

Question for the skin people?....

Is it posibble to make two versions of every skin, i ask this because i work with a home version and a Prof. version with a external mixer, so if it's possible to make one with all the sliders and one without the sliders that would be cool..:-))

Grts From SalVa, Netherlands

发表时间 Sun 17 Mar 02 @ 9:16 am
DJ CocoPRO InfinityMember since 2003
What does the wheels do? I cant give it any utility.

发表时间 Mon 18 Mar 02 @ 7:45 pm
JanoschPRO InfinityMember since 2003
for the moment they are only for a more professional look of the skin.
The look of the skin would not be so professionel without them..
Maybe we can use the wheels in a future version of atomixmp3 !?


发表时间 Mon 18 Mar 02 @ 8:48 pm
DJ CocoPRO InfinityMember since 2003
I thought it was for the scratch effect! It would be really nice if somebody could make it!
Dj Coc "Argentina"

发表时间 Mon 18 Mar 02 @ 9:29 pm