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话题: How do u make a skin?


Hi there I would like to know how you make a skin for atomix, I know how to make them for winamp!

发表时间 Sun 25 Nov 01 @ 4:26 pm
OyyoDamsPRO InfinityHonorary memberMember since 2003
As soon as the new version will be available, we'll release a document with all the instructions to make a skin.

This document is ready, but not available for now because the skin engine of the new version will be totally different.

发表时间 Sun 25 Nov 01 @ 5:18 pm
Ok thanks very much, atomix is the best! Kepp it up guys!

发表时间 Sun 25 Nov 01 @ 7:54 pm
use a decent paint program like psp7
and edit the original skins

发表时间 Mon 26 Nov 01 @ 1:55 am