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话题: Themed Skin Idea


If theres anyone out there that knows how to make skins for (The GREATEST Program ever) Atomix, Try designing a Technics skin it would look wikked man
Keep On Mixing Every1
From the Uk Hard house atomix master :)

发表时间 Fri 05 Oct 01 @ 4:13 am
I made a technics skin if you want it??????

i will email to y'all if u want


发表时间 Thu 22 Nov 01 @ 1:34 am
OyyoDamsPRO InfinityHonorary memberMember since 2003
Yes why not ?
You can post it in the skin section of the web site.

Also could you mail me your skin ?


发表时间 Thu 22 Nov 01 @ 1:45 am