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Features you would like to see in VirtualDJ
话题: few issues (maybe they exist and i don't know...)


1. Is there a way to prevent the unwanted sideeffect: When i'm scrolling down songs in the search list the Graphic equalizer (or whatever its name is...) stucks for a second.
it wasnt like this in 1.12, please make an option to make the
scrolling down FAST & reliable, each time i scroll down i scroll
with fear that the song will skip, and that is really really not the way a dj should work.

2. you added the nice gimic of the playlist window, nice, but
"pain in the ass", when i'm working, i dont have time for 'nice and good looking graphics' i want it to be FAST, RELIABLE and accurate, when i goto the scrollbar it pops the playlist window
its PAIN IN THE ASS. if you like it so much and wanna keep it
PLEASE make an option to disable this feature.

3. I've tried and tried, but just couldnt make the BPM matcher work like in the last version, i want it to match the bpm and also match the two beats together, when i enable the options in the settings, each time i drop a song it's BPM is changed,
AGAIN, PAIN IN THE ASS, i want it to change ONLY when i
press the magic button, or maybe when i use the automix feature, but not as default. (if there is a way to make the magic button change the bpm & and match the beats together and still the dropped son wont be changed automaticly, PLEASE let me know).

in conclusion, in my opinion (and i hope it counts - i 've been using atomix for almost a year now) a dj program should be
FAST, RELIABLE and ACCURATE, not graphy, of course some graphics may be nice,but thats ALL. i'm working in a club for 2 years now, and atomix is my favourite software but please create an update which enable the dj to select the visualization he wants, so the program will run faster, be sharper and for my opinion do ONLY what it should be, and that is beeing the best tool a dj can have.

BTW: i am using p3 850, 512mb, 2 creative soundcards...

so i dont see any reason why the graphics will be so slow...

Please take it to your consideration.

Guy Boyangu

发表时间 Sat 12 Jan 02 @ 6:06 pm
you've goy an issue with point 2, ýou're right with that... The other points don't bother me, but hey, who am i???

发表时间 Sun 13 Jan 02 @ 12:45 am
Hey, try the "classic" skin. or one of the other less graphic intense skins. I too do not like the default skin. The classic skin does the job.

发表时间 Sun 13 Jan 02 @ 3:42 am
i've downloaded almost all the skins from here...

all having the same delay in the gfx...

btw: i'm using voodoo3 as diaplay adapter... so again
i don't think thats the problem...

发表时间 Sun 13 Jan 02 @ 7:03 am
ikkeHome userMember since 2003

发表时间 Sun 13 Jan 02 @ 11:58 am
mamaPRO InfinityMember since 2003
1. Disable all effects of your SB cards, incl. Dolby and unplug all USB devices.

2. Open the playlis window, press the lock button then move the mouse over the left line of the playlist window, press the mouse button and move it to the right side.

3. Enable AutoBPM, Auto Beatmatch and Auto Pitch-Reset in the options menu.

Hope this helps!

发表时间 Sun 13 Jan 02 @ 12:16 pm

i have no tsr's running on my system, ofcourse i'll disable everything when i'm working....

my soundcard dont have any effects and i'm using dx 8.1 f/w 2000 released lately...

when i'm enableing all the features of FAME its really matching the bpm and puts the beats together BUT, also doing that when i'm just dropping a song at the deck... and thats in my opinion a unwanted sideeffect and should be asked by the DJ working on the software, in other words, PLEASE consider add an option to disable it...

what about the slowdowns i have?

thats not hardware problems right?

Guy Boyangu

发表时间 Sun 13 Jan 02 @ 6:42 pm