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话题: .cda player


I desperately need Atomixmp3 to play cds. I can't get the cda2wav plugin for winamp to work with automixmp3. I need it to play the songs right off the cd, I don't have the patience to rip songs, and ripping will slow down my computer while I'm djing, and cause skipping.

发表时间 Fri 11 Jan 02 @ 6:59 pm
alreaHome userMember since 2003
Ripping souldn't slow down your cpu enough to make atomix skipping!

The cda2wav only works under win 9X, but works fine!


发表时间 Fri 11 Jan 02 @ 11:56 pm
DJ RickPRO InfinityMember since 2003
You don't carry a CD player when DJing? It only happens once or twice a month, but every now and then I find that I have to drop a CD in the deck and re-boot the computer. I know it's a pretty limited use of the DENON 2600 CD player, but when I need it I'm thankful I have it.


发表时间 Sat 12 Jan 02 @ 3:48 pm