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话题: Vorbis Ogg Support !


This soft is surely pretty fine, but, since i've encoded my first .ogg file, i've no longer encoded in mp3 format. So I've less than 10% of my digital music in mp3 format.

Making Atomix decoding and playing ogg files is really a really simple with the vorbis.dll, which contains all the fonctions needed

Mp3 is licensed by Frauhnhofer and oblige developper to pay royalties...
Ogg is free, under the terms of the GNU License, and can be used, transformed, copied, all you want... WITHOUT pay anything, so as you make soft dedicated to music, you're surely fond of music ;) so i think you must include the best !

For information :
Ogg has a better sound quality, and it compact more than mp3, so for the same size, you have mp3@128 and ogg@192, think about it...

I wish I will be read and I hope this message will be understood (i'm frenxh speaking)...


发表时间 Fri 11 Jan 02 @ 12:20 pm
If there was anything I wished for in this piece of software is support for OGG VORBIS. Once people start to encode in OGG, many will not want to go back to MP3, plus it is free by way of the GNU. I really hope that OGG will be released in future releases since over 90% of my digital music is OGG, and the remaining 10% are just waiting to be converted.

发表时间 Mon 21 Jan 02 @ 4:10 pm