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Features you would like to see in VirtualDJ
话题: 6 most wanted new features


f*ck the id2 tag support and all that shit, i am a pro and this is what needs to be fixed/added:
1. a sound processor needs to be added
2. sampler should be made available also for external mixer mode (just add a button to choose on which channel the sample should be played, including a "both" opion
3. Better sound quality, no more skipping etc.
4. Equalizer shortcuts (not only kill and normal but also up and down)
5. turntable brake function
6. less important: zoom in/zoom out function for the wave viewer

That's it, if you can get these in the program, i will get a ticket to heaven for the whole Atomix team... Obviously, the pcdj RED team have chosen for hell and that's where they belong... BURN BABY BURN!

发表时间 Wed 09 Jan 02 @ 11:41 pm
Hi people from Atomix. I wish sometimes to mix 3 tracks but this is not avalable with AtomixMP3. If you can add one more player as a option it will be great.

P.S. and equalaser will be fine.

10x and good bye :)

发表时间 Fri 18 Jan 02 @ 11:31 am
I would like a program that will automayically go through my mp3 list and put the BPM to each track so I don't have to wait for me to play each track before it appears. How about a stand alone program that could be run over night to go through the whole list!!!!!!!!

发表时间 Fri 18 Jan 02 @ 8:50 pm