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Forum: Wishes and new features

话题: please add a feature


It would be real good, if there were mixing possibillities like in Mixmeister Pro with Dual soundcard output. (www.mixmeister.com).
There you can make a perfect playlist with perfect mixes at home and play it on stage. You can use it for live-mixing, but sometimes it would be better to have a real live live-interface like in Atomixmp3. Please think of it for the next big update!

P.S.: Master Tempo works a lot better In Mixmeister Pro. Maybe you can copy it.

Thanks for regarding this


发表时间 Sun 06 Jan 02 @ 5:43 pm
You're right about the master tempo functionality ... in atomixmp3 ther's a lot of work concerning the master tempo, I always disable it because it sounds crappy ...
Dj boomboom

发表时间 Sun 06 Jan 02 @ 5:58 pm
DJtalonHome userMember since 2001
If you're making a "perfect mix ahead of time", you're not a DJ. A DJ must react to the needs of his crowd. If people arent dancing you need to be able to mix out and put something on that they will like. And if they've got energy, you need to pump up the BPM and keep it going until everybody's tired (then you give them something to chill to while they get a drink and chat up the sexy ladies).

As for master tempo, yeah, it's got a few clicks and pops in it. I disable it too.... needs some cubic spline interpolation or other buzzwords to make it sound better :D

发表时间 Mon 07 Jan 02 @ 4:11 am
Yan-XPRO InfinityHonorary memberMember since 2003
Atomixmp3 still version 0.99 has dual output.

发表时间 Mon 07 Jan 02 @ 10:37 am
Hello Yan-X !
I know that Atomixmp3 has dual output, but sure you know that it would be really good to have the possibilities of Mixmeister Pro integrated.
I´ve thought it could be possible to change between the original Live-view with the two desks to the Mixmeister Pro look with more editing facilities. Maybe it isn´t so easy to make it, but it would be very useful!

Hello DJtalon!
Of course you have to react to needs of the dancing people.
Please tell me, how often do you play tracks in the same way after another, because the mix sounds best. I think this happens very often, if you really want to make good mixes. Please try the demo-version of Mixmeister Pro and let me know, what you think of it.(you have to choose use beat-mixing in the menue)
The combination of the facilities of Mixmeister Pro and Atomixmp3 would be very useful for many many DJ´s.
For Live-use I would prefer Atomixmp3.
So please don´t get me wrong!


发表时间 Mon 07 Jan 02 @ 1:06 pm