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话题: Help with Downloading!!!


Help me please,
(I cant speak verry well English so sorry for any mistakes).

Every time i will download an effect it doesn`t work, it doesn`t download it, i don`t know what i should do.
Can anyone help me?
Please,I use Atomix mp3 4 times a day and i will download the new effect and other add-ons but i cant.

Please hepl me enyone.

Thank you verry much


发表时间 Thu 09 May 02 @ 2:24 pm
I downloaded several plugins just a few minutes ago.

Don't use downloadmanagers, just left-click on DOWNLOAD and everything was fine here.

If this doesn't work:
What OS do you use and which Browser?

发表时间 Thu 09 May 02 @ 2:26 pm
HomeboyPRO InfinitySupport ManagerMember since 2003
Some users have reported this and another way to try downloading it would be to righ tclick and open the file first then when it downloads choose to save it.

DJ Homeboy

发表时间 Thu 09 May 02 @ 7:48 pm