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话题: Music Libraries... an idea


Hey, I did have a post in this forum before mentioning that I am putting up a website with some designs for the Pro Controller... well, with the news of the Atomix team liscensing the Numark controller (and the lovely GCSE exams i have to sit :(), I decided not to bother, but after reading the thread "Music Libraries" I came upon an idea...

When I have the site designed and working, I'll post a link, and you'll be able to send me an email with your tune names in. I will try and make a form to speed up the song entry process, but hopefully it will be very succsessful.

If you like this idea, or have any elaborations on the idea, let me know! I'll be more than happy to help.

P.S Can you become more than just a nebie, without buying the software? I will do one day but i have to save up! Grrrrrr

Dj Dawson Uk ;)
(A.K.A State Of Trance)

发表时间 Tue 07 May 02 @ 8:14 pm
ikkeHome userMember since 2003
I hink you'll stay a newbie untill you buy the full, just like me ;) lol But don't worry, the others willn't hate you for that!!! ;)

发表时间 Tue 07 May 02 @ 9:25 pm
HomeboyPRO InfinitySupport ManagerMember since 2003
No they won't hate you as long as your not trying to hack the software we will respect you. ikke has alot of respect from other members for his work.

DJ Homeboy

发表时间 Tue 07 May 02 @ 9:27 pm
cheers m8's

well i have started on the site, and have three genres...


udo u think these are enough? or should i branch into sub-genre's such as Acid Trance... etc?

i am determined to make this work!

cheers for your insights!

dj dawson uk ;)

发表时间 Tue 07 May 02 @ 10:00 pm
DJtalonHome userMember since 2001
If it's at all possible, could you design an online submission tool, rather than rely on us emailing you? Heck, you could make the form just email you the results pretty easily.

Have a pulldown combo box with genre choices, artist line, albums textbox, and songs textbox.

I think it really needs to be even more automated than this, however, but I can't think of any collaborative website that works in the way I think would be best. We need a hierarchical design, with Songs under Albums under Artists under Genres....
I'm going to do a little bit of research on this, see what I can come up with. I'm no programmer though so likely I'll run out of ideas fast.

For now, keep working on your site, and whatever progress gets made with it can probably be easily added to a database created later.

发表时间 Wed 08 May 02 @ 12:03 am
cheers, i have most of it ready, i just need the song input now, i hope this will take of!

anyone think adding links to the song on audiogalaxy would be a good idea???

the good news is that i have an online submission form! and it works pretty good :D i didnt think id ever get it right

it emails me the results, so expect the songs to appear 1-2 weeks afterwards... (with my gcse's this may be longer)

the bad news, is that i found it too difficult to make a heirachal structure :( and this would be too much to do as i have no experience with online databases.

but it is getting done!

cheers again
dj dawson uk ;)

发表时间 Wed 08 May 02 @ 10:49 pm
ikkeHome userMember since 2003
AG could be nice.
If you use ASP, maybe I can help you a hand?

Greetz, ikke

发表时间 Thu 09 May 02 @ 6:33 pm