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话题: Scoring a Karaoke Singer's Performance.

I was on a Cruise a couple of years ago, and their Karaoke DJ had Software that analyzed the singer's performance. I believe it uses the singer's timing, and pitch, to come up with a score.

It impressed the heck out of me. It was nice to get the feedback. It enable another level of competition with friends. And the scoring was a lot of fun.

Any chance VDJ can build something like this? I'm sure there is enough talent here to figure it out and build it.


发表时间 Wed 29 Jun 22 @ 12:22 pm
Would only work I guess if the mics were routed through the software?

Most places I've been only use VDJ for the track and the mics go through some sort of external mixer.

发表时间 Wed 29 Jun 22 @ 12:50 pm