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话题: plugin zone
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
I'm super limited on browser space [width] so I'm using
<folderlist> <fileview> so current view I don't have a pluginzone,
tbh I'd rather they pop up undocked - can that be done?
or could I have an invisible bit of "browser space" some where on the skin that pluginzone can appear in.

<group visibility="not skin_panel browserstandard">
<square x="801" y="681" width="319" height="390" color="browserback"/>
<panel name="browserminifolder" group="bmini" visible="true">
<folderlist class="browser">
<size width="319" height="390"/>
<pos x="801" y="681"/>
<panel name="browserminifile" group="bmini" visible="false">
<fileview class="browser">
<size width="319" height="390"/>
<pos x="801" y="681"/>
<button class="button_main" height="10" width="323" x="799" y="1070" action="skin_panelgroup 'bmini' +1"/>
<line name="browser_left" x="799" y="+170+44+341+120" width="2" height="341+120" color="dark" hightlight="hightlight" shadow="shadow"/>
<line name="browser_right" x="1920-799-1" y="+170+44+341+120" width="2" height="341+120" color="dark" hightlight="shadow" shadow="hightlight"/>

发表时间 Tue 19 Apr 22 @ 9:41 pm
Study this page:

<pluginzone> : Provides the area where the GUIs of the Effects are docked. (you will need to have name="effects" in the split if you want this area to be automatically resized when an Effect GUI is docked)

发表时间 Wed 20 Apr 22 @ 10:00 am