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话题: LED blink Denon Prime 2
Hi all

How do I script my Denon Prime 2 (with VDJ) to blink the LED when a (saved) LOOP is active and no blink (full color) when not active?
I have my saved LOOPS (max 2) on PAD 7 & 8 (in HOT CUE performance mode).
In VDJ (software) the LED pads blink when LOOP is active (or triggered to be active when music comes to the saved LOOP). It also blinks on the Prime 2 screen, but NOT on the controller PAD.
Mapping action is now LED_PAD_7 -> "pad_button_color 7"
I tried to add: "& loop_active ? blink" to the action, but that doesn't seem to work.

Any suggestions?


发表时间 Mon 17 Jan 22 @ 12:18 am

发表时间 Mon 17 Jan 22 @ 10:09 pm
Thx Tomas!

发表时间 Tue 18 Jan 22 @ 8:13 pm