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话题: RMX-EchoMach3

发表时间 Thu 29 Oct 20 @ 8:19 pm
RMX-EchoMach3. After starting and stopping, the song being played comes out normally for a while, then becomes small for a while, and suddenly makes a loud sound and is out of control.

发表时间 Mon 04 Jan 21 @ 9:26 am
awkrgHome userMember since 2013
i just discovered this issue as well. it filters out a bit and then over modulates A LOT! Its a wonderful effect that I've been looking for awhile now, please get the bugs out. it is the answer between the issue of adding exf to everything or being able to add efx to say just vocals.

发表时间 Sun 07 Feb 21 @ 6:15 pm
If you start and stop RMX-EchoMach3 in the master effects, the song sound comes out normally for a certain period, then the song sound becomes quieter for a moment, and the song sound becomes very loud again and you can't control it.

发表时间 Mon 08 Feb 21 @ 12:39 pm