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话题: Original Traktor S4 with VDJ 2021
jrapierHome userMember since 2020
Good Evening Everyone,

I just purchased the monthly subscription for pro. I have an original Traktor S4 and I would like to use the full functionality of it. I know its an older controller but it works fine with Serato and Traktor Pro. But I prefer to use VDJ. I have tried all the midi maps in file download library and the partial work basic volume and crossfade and load but that is about it. I would be happy to even pay a small fee to get a fully working S4 midi map. Thank you!

发表时间 Sun 02 Aug 20 @ 4:49 am
Original S4 (not MKII) is not supported for a reason:
It's MIDI resolution of jogs (among other things) is very poor. Also it's the only NI console that's not using HID protocol, but a HID-alike proprietary protocol.
Therefore it's not up to our standards to include it as a native supported controller.
S2, S4MKII, S2MKII and S3 are using HID protocol and they are supported.

发表时间 Sun 02 Aug 20 @ 4:01 pm
Is it still possible to update the devinition for the S4MK3?
For the new version 2020 2021, for example that the new function with the pad buttons also works there, just like you did with the S3 in the new update?
Would be nice if at least that would still be done if you couldn't manage to integrate the motor wheels and displays, and dealt with Native in writing about it.
Greetings Dani

发表时间 Mon 03 Aug 20 @ 4:11 pm