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话题: Broadcaster UI - 01
Discussion about Broadcaster UI - 01

To showcase the concept and for inspirations...
(beta version - updates to come)

Dual source video output videoskin :
- Two main "boxes" : Master Video + Camera
- Optional : Slideshow for dynamic backgrounds

Custom Parameters :

To set Social Media names, put each below in a custom button and trigger (one by one, of those you want to display)
Notes: If you add Twitch, it overrides and removes Youtube. And if you add AskTheDJ, it does same to Instagram

To learn about custom buttons, see here

set '@$facebook' `get_text "Your Facebook name here"`

set '@$twitter' `get_text "Your Twitter handle here"`

set '@$youtube' `get_text "Your Facebook channel here"`

set '@$instagram' `get_text "Your Instagram here"`

set '@$twitch' `get_text "Your Twitch channel here"`

set '@$askthedj' `get_text "Your AskTheDJ handle here"`

To display Messages, use the code below at custom buttons (each will remove and override any social media tags from above, when used)

set '@$messagebox1' `get_text "Text for message box 1 here"`

set '@$messagebox2' `get_text "Text for message box 2 here"`

set '@$messagebox3' `get_text "Text for message box 3 here"`

set '@$messagebox4' `get_text "Text for message box 4 here"`

To remove a message :

set '@$messagebox1' 0

To remove a social media name/handle:

set '@$twitch' 0

Color Variants (more will likely come)
Blue, Orange, Green & Red

发表时间 Thu 21 May 20 @ 1:09 am
Great work @Rune. - love it!!

发表时间 Thu 21 May 20 @ 2:48 pm
Thank you Rune, I'm loving it....

发表时间 Fri 22 May 20 @ 2:23 am
This is fantastic! Thank you! :)

发表时间 Sun 24 May 20 @ 6:36 pm
n°1 - thanks from Italy :-)

发表时间 Mon 25 May 20 @ 4:49 pm
defmdPRO InfinityMember since 2020

发表时间 Fri 29 May 20 @ 5:38 pm
i am having trouble getting my camera to work properly. it is also flashing.

发表时间 Fri 19 Jun 20 @ 2:44 am