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话题: Reloop Touch Problems
i have purchased a Reloop controller, I have downloaded the drivers and the VDJ program,
it works fine apart from the touch buttons on the screen they don't work and when I touch any buttons I get a pop up message ' UPPD evaluation period has expired'
Appreciate any help please.

发表时间 Wed 20 May 20 @ 11:20 pm
The screen drivers are third party and need to be registered.

发表时间 Thu 21 May 20 @ 11:55 am
Hi ,
That is what I thought, but can’t see anywhere to register the serial number for the UDPP drivers.
I downloaded VDJ with the Reloop driver package , the screen works apart from the touch screen buttons on the Touch controller.

发表时间 Thu 21 May 20 @ 1:34 pm
Use Google to do a search as the search on this site is useless. There have been a few threads about this but not for some time now.

I didn't think they were still selling that controller any more.

发表时间 Thu 21 May 20 @ 1:38 pm
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
You should have an icon in the system tray if I remember correctly.

发表时间 Thu 21 May 20 @ 2:01 pm
Yes I found the icon in the task bar and registered the driver and got a confirmation message to say that the driver has registered but the touch screen still doesn’t function .

发表时间 Thu 21 May 20 @ 3:11 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
Doesnt function, or affects your primary screen ? (as if you were touching your main monitor ?)
Even though the driver should take care of that, perhaps you need to manually declare it as Touch screen by doing the Calibrate in Windows https://www.virtualdj.com/manuals/hardware/reloop/touch/display/displayadvanced.html
(tip: you will probably need to do this while VDJ is running - minimize main skin - , because the screen shuts off when VDJ is not running)

发表时间 Thu 21 May 20 @ 6:44 pm
Hi DJ Dad,
I just can't get the touch screen to work, I followed the link and carried out the instructions.
I am getting the white screen with the text on the Reloop screen and touch it as per text.
When I close the tablet setting screen the touch screen does not work,
tried closing VDJ and restarting it makes no difference.

发表时间 Fri 22 May 20 @ 9:52 am
Just an update,
I managed to get the touch screen to work on the Reloop controller.
I deleted the UPDD drivers and the VDJ program, I reinstalled the VDJ program and driver package from the Reloop website,
the screen worked fine, i get a message in the VDJ programm ' Drivers for the Reloop are not installed, would you like to install them now'
I clicked yes after installing them and the touch screen stopped working, I repeated the process of deleting and reinstalling and the touch screen works again.
So basically when I install the UPDD drivers the touch screen stops working, I haven't installed them and it all works fine, apart from the warning box
for the installation of the drives keep appearing in VDJ and have to keep selecting no.
Am I missing something here?

发表时间 Sun 24 May 20 @ 4:22 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
Seems like the touch works with the native Windows drivers. In theory, you need the UPDD driver, but not sure why it causes issues. Clueless at this point. Have you tried to contact Reloop support ?

发表时间 Mon 25 May 20 @ 11:34 am
Yes I contacted Reloop support , awaiting a reply.

发表时间 Mon 25 May 20 @ 1:12 pm
I upgraded my laptop from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, everything works fine now.

发表时间 Sun 07 Jun 20 @ 10:45 am
Hi there,
I also have the same problem with my MacBook Pro.
I didn‘t try to uninstall the UPDD driver yet but this I do next.
The touch screen is „flashing“ when system runs and  try to airplay the touch screen. Touch and visual Funktion do not work.
Could it be the same problem??
My Mac runs with newest OS software.

发表时间 Tue 21 Jul 20 @ 7:11 am
Hi there again, I tried the windows pc from my girlfriend und now it seems like it‘s working. But the same problems like vinny1234. Only working without UPDD and sometimes no touch funktion.
At this point, after nearly one week, I‘ve to say that unit sucks!
What about support or any other help from Reloop/VDJ the developer side for those many issues on customers side!?!?!?

发表时间 Tue 21 Jul 20 @ 7:07 pm