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话题: Licenses options question . . . .
Hi All,

I am looking at maybe getting a license just to gain microphone functionality that just does not seem to work in Virtual DJ 7 :-(
but looking through the licenses options I am a little confused and was wondering if someone could help . . .
I am only pretty much a beginner and I only use an old Numark Mixtrack Pro 2 so I am hardly a professional dj hehe
My question is . . .
What is the difference between
'Can broadcast to other users' and
'Can broadcast to a professional radio server' ?
because surely both involve streaming to a server ?
It would not be worth me paying for a professional licence just to stream now and then to a few of my friends (I rent a shoutcast server)

Any help in this would be much appreciated

Thanks all :-)

发表时间 Mon 04 May 20 @ 8:59 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
the first option your local machine runs as the server [so your upload bandwidth becomes the bottle neck]
however the info is slightly out of date, even as a home user you can cast via FB/YT/twitch and others [with varying levels of copywrite police lockdowns]
but shoutcast/icecast etc are restricted to full pro licences

发表时间 Mon 04 May 20 @ 9:15 pm
Shoutcast would be classed as a professional server (pro license).

Facebook/Youtube etc or (direct) are direct broadcasts and can be used without a pro license.

For your controller you could just get a home license to enable it. But remember that if at any time you upgrade to a different controller you will need another license.
Licenses are not transferable or upgradable.

Alternatively you can purchase a pro license at $299 (plus VAT and currency conversion) and never have to worry about a license again.
All future updates are free of charge.

发表时间 Mon 04 May 20 @ 9:15 pm
I see, I love Virtual DJ but that is a lot of money for me at the moment :-( I may have to look at others

Thanks for your help all :-) very much appreciated

发表时间 Mon 04 May 20 @ 9:32 pm
The home license for the Mixtrack is only $99 - and providing you're not working professionally this will cover everything you need.

With the obvious caveat with future updates.

发表时间 Mon 04 May 20 @ 9:36 pm
Yeah that would be an ideal price for me, I do use it mostly offline in the home so I would love to stick with it but I do like to stream to a few of my friends via Shoutcast once every few weeks


发表时间 Mon 04 May 20 @ 9:39 pm
well even after purchasing the license for that controller you are not able to broadcast to a radio server you need a pro license ,besides that all the fixtures doesn't like crosfader doesn't move.

发表时间 Mon 04 May 20 @ 10:01 pm