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话题: Denon DJ Prime 2 Screen

发表时间 Sun 03 May 20 @ 4:34 pm
is that a skin for vdj?
or is this the release of the screen and Jogwheel Artwork from the controller with vdj?

发表时间 Mon 04 May 20 @ 10:01 am
It’s for the controller.

发表时间 Mon 04 May 20 @ 10:06 am
Really?? It's the screen installer and the jogwheel installer. In other topics they say no. It's not released..

发表时间 Mon 04 May 20 @ 4:38 pm
They also say that it will automatically download and install when you connect the controller.

If it doesn't then it's not available yet.

发表时间 Mon 04 May 20 @ 4:45 pm