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话题: VDJ with Denon DJ MC4000, looking for tutorials
CubtraxPRO InfinityMember since 2010
Hey from the UK. I have used Virtual DJ with Pioneer and Numark hobby level mixer/controllers and recently purchased the MC4000. It's the best yet so really want to get into every feature. I play dance genres from the 80s to current so my usual beat and key blending (richly enhanced by VDJ) don't work well for big changes from 80s funk/soul, 100 to 110 bpm to vocal house, 125 to 130 bpm. I have watched random YouTube videos on using effects but I need detailed step by step effects tutorials so that I can enhance my sets. Any recommendations please, Assume I am good with beat/key matching and understand bars.

发表时间 Thu 16 Apr 20 @ 9:46 am
I'm sure you could find some tracks that cross over those BPM boundaries you mention. Not all 80s funk/soul is 110 or slower, and not all house is 125 upwards.

One easy thing you could do is set a short loop on one track, then change the tempo slowly until it matches the other track.

You can also just stop a track dead (bit of reverb maybe for drama) then wait a beat or two before starting the next track. Silence does work as a transition if you have the timing. Alternatively use the brake effect to slow the deck down, then play the next track.

发表时间 Thu 16 Apr 20 @ 4:48 pm