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话题: 1st time user of karaoke in VDJ
Hi, long time VDJ user, first time using karaoke subscription. So take it easy on me. I have an event dropped in my lap for this weekend, music and karaoke. I’m getting ready to subscribe to the karaoke function.

1) WiFi is needed for karaoke, correct?
2) Are there any setting changes that I need to make in VDJ?
3) What’s the best way for guests to see the karaoke songs available (app, web page, etc)?
4) Any tips and suggestions? Do’s & Don’ts please.

发表时间 Fri 08 Nov 19 @ 5:26 pm
blckjckPRO InfinityMember since 2008
For the karaoke subscription in VDJ you will need wifi to get the tracks.

No changes needed per say. You may want to load some tracks up and practice with karaoke mode. Also, you may want to tweak the video output and background to your taste. I have music from a playlist play when a karaoke track is not playing. Play with the different options and layout to get the feel that you want.

If all you have is the karaoke subscription and no other files of your own, you can point them to the website that has the library listed. There is also PDF and DOC versions.

I recommend having a monitor for the singers to be able to hear the music and their voice. I use my booth out on my controller for that.
I also have two wireless mics available.
Walk around and listen to your mix of music and singer vocals. A lot of people miss checking the sound, and don't realize how bad the mix is.
Do a dry run before the gig. Hook up everything, have someone request a song, add them to the singer rotation, play a track with someone singing. Make sure it all works and your a little comfortable with it.

发表时间 Fri 08 Nov 19 @ 10:31 pm