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话题: 4 Deck question
Hi, I use 4 decks for video and I've forgotten how to preview decks 3 and 4, haven't used that function for a while.
So, for example, if I have Deck 1 outputting to a projector and I want to preview the content of Deck 3 to add a cue point but I don't want to change the output to Deck 3 at this point. I thought I had set up keyboard shortcuts, but I can't remember what they were!
So what is the mouse method for this?

发表时间 Sun 13 Oct 19 @ 11:04 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
If you are using the Default skins or any other custom that only show left and right Video outputs, you could use the actions leftvideo_button and rightvideo_button to set a deck as left/right for Video and then the same button again to return to the default selection.
So in your case for Deck 3..
deck 3 rightvideo_button
to set Deck 3 as Right side Video and preview its video on the Right deck (assuming that your active deck is Deck 1)
deck 4 leftvideo_button for the opposite case.
If you want to map a key on your controller that exists on both sides you can try..
device_side 'left' ? deck 1 leftdeck ? deck 3 rightvideo_button : deck 1 rightvideo_button : deck 2 rightdeck ? deck 4 leftvideo_button : deck 2 leftvideo_button

Alternatively, you can use a custom skin that has video previews for all 4 decks, such as the Blocks.

发表时间 Mon 14 Oct 19 @ 10:32 am
OK, thanks for that.
I'll try that.

发表时间 Sat 19 Oct 19 @ 4:58 am