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话题: How to remove "unnecessary items from the screen"
I use VDJ solely for karaoke and find the Loops and Effects on-screen furniture gets in the way. Two or three times a night when cuing I inadvertenntly set a loop running which doesn't normally get noticed until the loop operates :(

They are of no use (to me at least) for karaoke) and it would be wondeful to have them removed. Maybe replaced with right and left cue windows - leaving space for a larger video output monitor centre-screen.

No idea whtehr this is possible with the tools at my disposal here - or if some whizz-kid skin designer can achieve it.

发表时间 Fri 04 Oct 19 @ 3:18 am
You should take a look at some of the video skins available for download. Big screens, no clutter.

发表时间 Fri 04 Oct 19 @ 4:19 pm