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话题: VIDEO: Add a option to select the resolution OR revert to preview only full resolution
So this is more a request to revert a feature than to want a new one.

In previous versions of VDJ when I was using the "VDJSpoutSender" plugin all I had to do was select "preview only" and activate the plugin and the video was sent in 1080p resolution to Resolume. In the current version this no longer happens, when I select "preview only" the resolution that is sent by the plugin to Resolume is the preview resolution of the VDJ.
For a better understanding, I recorded a video of the problem:

00:00 -> 00:31 I show that I have a video sampler running and the "VDJSpoutSender" is activated, in resolume the plugin is active and working normally at the resolution of 1920x1080
00:31 -> 00:53 i click with the right button and the output is set to fullscreen, so I click on "Preview Only" and return to Resolume and now the plugin has the resolution of 426x240 and this makes the video resizes to a really small block on the center of the screen. (the output resolution on Resolume is 1920x1080, we have 6 TVs and 1 projector at the club that run on this resolution)

My wish is to have a option in settings to set the resolution of the "preview" or revert to whats was before: set the preview and the video still has 1920x1080 on the spout sender.

发表时间 Fri 06 Sep 19 @ 8:50 am
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
Detected spoutsender - and other plugins - is now taking the size of the biggest preview window
Resizing for preview is takeing so much time that global fps are shutting down - by half for me - even i think the initial reason was the opposite

Again a bad solution! - I hope usable one this time - i use is adding an extra UN/USEFULL preview window in the skin - my custom skin already have.
this way the internal preview is forced to specified size and spoutsender send the right size

This window can be set out of display area in a way not to hurt - same size as the video allows almost on the fly resizing but there are side effect with aspect ratios
- can resize down to a small black bar without modifiing the output
- can be set anywhere else as needed by fixing posx posy - even out of display area
- can choose the size of send video by fixing width & height of video source
- a custom button with "show_window 'badpreview'" can toggle it

at the far end of the skin .xml file add:

<window name="badpreview" width="384" height="216" posx="00" posy="00" shown="yes" minwidth="192" minheight="108">
<video source="master" x="0" y="0" width="1920" height="1080"/>

just before the "</skin>"

hope it will help waiting for the come back of old behavior

发表时间 Fri 06 Sep 19 @ 4:10 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
Sorry, but After the update to early version 5269 this is not working correctly anymore
the preview size reports wrongly else i.e. 1927x1080 2534x... nothing with the correct ratio
giving some black dash lines on the receiver
and extra windows does not display at start ... a

when very carefully resizing an initially small window with video the same size it still possible to find some resolutions with no glitches - manual sync
- to acheive this resize horizontal only, in a way to keep ratio, moving mouse top right
resize only grows up the output size, if sync fail, have to find next bigger resolution
settings they actually are no more keept upon restart

my current closest "preview" res being

发表时间 Fri 06 Sep 19 @ 7:23 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
finally the only viable solution :
settings : videoWindowAllwaysOnTop false and video fullscreen with VDJMain on top

发表时间 Fri 06 Sep 19 @ 7:32 pm
Nicotux wrote :
finally the only viable solution :
settings : videoWindowAllwaysOnTop false and video fullscreen with VDJMain on top

Yes, I'm doing this. I put the resolume Output on top of the VDJ output on the second monitor. Until they fix... that's the way to do it.

Thanks a lot for all your replies

发表时间 3 days ago @ 9:10 am