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话题: random skin changes
Maybe I am doing something that I am not aware of, but seemingly randomly, the skin/theme changes so that it looks different. It changes from this:

to this:

What makes it do that and how can i get it to change back? I tried going to the default skin, but that doesn't do anything.


发表时间 Mon 26 Aug 19 @ 5:38 am
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
same photo isn't it?

发表时间 Mon 26 Aug 19 @ 6:18 am

my mistake, bad copy and paste. corrected now.

Virtual DJ just did it again. I restarted my laptop, opened Virtual DJ, then the skin it changed to the second version. I tried reseting the skin to default, it didn't change back.

发表时间 Mon 26 Aug 19 @ 6:30 am
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
Dot on the far left of the browser>display options>list as>list view
why it changed on you I don't know.

发表时间 Mon 26 Aug 19 @ 6:36 am
@dougd_nc, are you using a touch screen computer?

The grid layout is designed for touch screen users, and VDJ tries to be smart by switching to the "right" view for touch screens.

发表时间 Mon 26 Aug 19 @ 7:09 am

Yes, I am using a touch screen computer, but I am using a mouse as well, it's easier. It stays in the "wrong" view for touch screens for a little while before switching to the "right" view. Then I find it difficult to get it back to the view I want.


I am not seeing a dot with that option.


发表时间 Mon 26 Aug 19 @ 7:36 am
Also note that in the touchscreen view (the "right" view), although BPM is a column in the search list, it does not show the BPM.

发表时间 Mon 26 Aug 19 @ 7:41 am
You won't get the option to choose list or grid once it's switched to touch screen mode. That's the way Atomix have coded things.

There's a config option called touchScreenMode which can be set to 'no' - that might help.

Alternatively there's a line of XML in the skin that can be changed to disable this switching.
[update] Actually it seems the XML skin code has been replaced by the above config option.

发表时间 Mon 26 Aug 19 @ 7:42 am
That worked, thanks!

发表时间 Mon 26 Aug 19 @ 8:06 am
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
"quote=dougd_nc]Also note that in the touchscreen view (the "right" view), although BPM is a column in the search list, it does not show the BPM.[/quote"

this is one of the a side effects with touch handling in VDJ - only leftclick is detected and used, missing rightclick and doubleclicks
you can enable display of BPMs by rightclick - with mouse - the columns list bar under the copverflow and add it from the popup

Even if most of the time buttons can have actions to simulate click, rightclick, doubleclick and hold in skins, what is hardcoded - i.e.: browser - can't be modified

发表时间 Mon 26 Aug 19 @ 6:12 pm
It just reset itself back to touch screen mode (I didn't touch the screen). Also, this time, changing touchScreenMode to No didn't work to change it back.

Should I just try out a different skin without the glitches? Or do most of them work this way?

发表时间 4 days ago @ 12:26 am
Nevermind. Apparently it randomly went into tablet mode this time for some reason. I have a touch screen, but not a tablet. I was able to switch it out of tablet mode.

发表时间 4 days ago @ 12:36 am